Oct. 26th, 2012

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Remember how in the previous post I was complaining about 3 mid-terms and 2 essays? This time round, it's 2 cases, 2 presentations, 1 essay, 1 lab report, and a final. Each is worth 30% of my grade -.-;;. And guess who is still reeling from the last 'hell week' and decided to 'take a break' until the 21st of October. Definitely overestimated my ability to take this many heavy workload modules at a go. I wanted to do a Halloween kinda sketch originally, but decided that the composition of the image will take up time I barely have to spare, yet I didn't want to just do another sketch dump because well, the challenge isn't the same. I was reading more puppyshipping fics before it hit me that Seto's birthday is on the 25th! So here's my first ever birthday art for a character~ :3

Take Me Home

I did want to post this on LJ yesterday, but god, I was rushing work until 6am this morning before I fell asleep (it felt more like fainting to be honest -.-;;. Everything just... Disappeared and I knocked out.), before waking at noon, barely submitting my group's case on time, and rushing off to a meeting which I was an hour late for. Anyway, when other artists do birthday art for Seto, most just draw him in a suit and holding a bouquet of roses, or cosying up with his various pairings, and I didn't want to go down the same road since it's boring, and I can't execute the latter :X. Since his birthday is on a weekday, it is unlikely that he will skip work to celebrate it (come on, to him a birthday is no different from a normal working day, albeit more annoying xD). So based on that concept, the idea of train ride popped into my head and this is the result!

Thought it was a good way of practising perspective with this particular piece, to make sure I'm comfortable with anatomy in general. Not exactly a complete success, but proportion wise, I don't think it looks too bad. And since a train backdrop isn't too difficult to draw, I decided to put in a little more effort and create a more decent looking background. No references were used surprisingly, with the exception of scenery (because I can barely draw properly, what makes you think I can conjure up a scenery otherwise? T_T). Had great fun trying to draw it, and it turned out better than expected~ It definitely made me realise the importance of having a collection of different brushes for sure -.-;;. The original sketch was motion blurred at around 10px to create the illusion that the train is moving. Perhaps I should have blurred it a little more since I doubt Seto will be in anything else but a high speed luxury train. -.-;;

The colour scheme selected is based on trains I've been in, and Seto's suit is the inverse of his usual blue/white scheme to make it easier for me to colour :P. While I was sketching, I realised the entire composition looked a little too plain (no, I unfortunately do not have a habit of planning, and that includes drawing ><), so I tossed in some documents and half a tray with a slice of birthday cake on it. Didn't want to go with an empty plate because in my mind, the great Seto Kaiba is just above trifles such as sweet desserts xD, so yea, the cake's just going to sit there untouched. When doing up the various paper 'documents', I actually wrote a 'letter' out for kicks haha. Yes, it is dated on Seto's birthday, and no, there is no birthday wish.

Totally legit letter )

The other letter Seto's holding is from Mokie (hence the nii-sama on it). As much as he tries to hide from celebrations and whatnot, I can imagine that Seto is still appreciative, and perhaps kinda touched by Mokie's yearly remembrance of his birthday. And because of that, perhaps being home might even be better than travelling alone. Who says Kaibas are always heartless pricks? :P

Hopefully when my insane semester ends I'll have more time to draw ><. I've a couple of pieces from eons ago I've yet to inked, and so many ideas in my head. And maybe if I dare, I may even squeeze out a couple of hours to sketch my new video game crush - Piers Nivans :D. His loyalty and selflessness immediately made him my favourite character in this installment; probably helps that he is quite a looker too hehe. Did I mention Piers is modeled after a model/actor? :D

Until next time~ If I don't die from the workload first.



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