Jun. 23rd, 2013

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I guess this qualifies as post-Minnacon huh? If you're hoping I'm going to give you an insider's rundown on what happen, I'm afraid I've to quell the excitement since I didn't go for it. Several reasons: The haze when I woke was a massive 390, and even in the house I'm wheezing my lungs out; I had terrible insomnia the night before, only managing to sleep at 5.30am, and yes you read that right; my dad had to go to the office for a conference call so if I wanted to go, I need to take a bus (yes I'm that lazy). So taking the advice of my folks, I curled back in bed and snuggled into the warmth of my sheets :D. On top of that, my dad decided to surprise me with a toasted roast chicken and spinach sandwich with Brazilian coffee on the side (what's the occasion? I honestly don't know ._.)~ Well, not gonna complain! Quite a decent trade-off really! (Although a part of me is still a tad regretful that I didn't get to see the anthology in person, or grab goodies...)

So I mentioned in the previous post that I wanted to spruce up the profile of my writing LJ, and surprisingly, I did manage to conjure something simple up! :D Unlike the process for this LJ's graphic, I didn't feel like doing up a piece specially for it (since my writings span a myriad of topics, encompass a variety of styles, and differ in tone and formality), nor was I particularly inspired, so I decided to use my Twin Whites piece as a base for my design. Despite loving the colouring on Jack a lot more, I ended up going with a standalone Gil to allow more space for the text box, and since he looked a little more natural than the former anyway ;_;.

No, the tagline isn't Single White xD )

On another note, I'm still wondering how I should go about posting the piece I did for the Hetalia anthology. Since it's still on sale, I shouldn't really devalue my own work by posting it for free on all platforms yet, but if I wish to expand on the universe, I do need it up as a linking bridge for the proper explanation and creation of the world I have in mind. /headdesks hard. I guess I should worry more about it after I've actually added the flesh and other embellishments on the skeleton of an outline that is still lying in the dusty corner of my desktop. But at the same time, I want to gauge the reaction on it before I continue with the idea. (That's not really a genuine excuse since those who know me well enough know I don't give a rat's behind about what other's think: I write solely as a narcissistic reflection.) Either way, I'll let the thought simmer for a while more before deciding if I should just post a snippet of it for now and the full piece later in the year, or just screw it and post the entire thing up (since the anthology isn't that pricey in the first place, and that's just less than 20% of it spoiled (don't forget the other lovely stories and art!)). I can't ponder on this in my current sleep addled state. I'll update when my thoughts are clearer for the gloomy weather beckons a round of Dead Space 3 :D.



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