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Managed to finish the drawing! :D Couldn't decide if I should include a background or not so I ended up redoing slip shod backgrounds until now. That said, I was distracted by the WLIIA videos playing on my iPad next to me xD. Trust me to multitask even when I'm supposedly doing something leisurely eh?

I'm sure you guys would have guessed that the person I'm drawing is Jeff B. Davis~ :D Because he's my first 'celeb'/real life person crush :'3. Kinda embarrassing to admit to since I'm leaving the realm of the young and tax-less this year. I guess I can take it as me finally maturing but that said, others usually associate having celebrity idols as a past time of teenagers. Not really the image a wannabe financial advisor should project eh? Before I rattle on more, here's the link!

Gentleman Misfit

I'm actually really happy with how this one turned out! Seeing how I rushed it in a single day and without using as many references as compared to before. Maybe I'm finally getting used to drawing guys! :Db One of the rare times during which I've tried to make the character I'm drawing interact with the environment, in this case, the stool! It was actually a fluke since I didn't really position him specifically, I just drew and hoped for the best. Jeff's hair was a pain to get right. ._. It's curly yet spiky at the top; how long does he spend doing his hair anyway?? Thankfully I tend to draw guys in suits (thank you Seto for always making me draw you in an awesome suit) so that wasn't too different hehe! I think the hardest part was cartoonising Jeff before drawing. It's one thing to create fanart of an animated character (The lines are already defined and the style present, so you just... Copy.) but another to draw a real person. I truly admire those who can do it effortlessly. OTL Because well, my Jeff doesn't really look like Jeff :X. Hopefully he looks tall enough! (Damn guy is taller than 190cm. -.-;;)

Decided to do a background since eh, partly because I thought a white background looked too boring to be submitted on DA again and it's easier to watermark that way. I wanted to do a proper bar scene but looking at the time, I scrapped that idea and created something that suggests a bar scene xD. Cheating but hey, I think it works! Kinda! Made a mini poster to make it less pathetic :P. Yea, the words at the bottom are unreadable after I added in the city silhouette but they aren't visible at all in the original picture so I ignored changing them. The silhouette brush is from the SS Urban Vector Design pack which I saved over 5 years ago. @_@ Will probably update the credit if I find it again.

Colouring it was fun! I really miss digital colouring. D: I think I kind of... Dare I say, improved? I'm really pleased with the way the suit and wine glass turned out, which is a real treat since I had more fun than dread and frustration when I coloured them. Took a shortcut with Jeff's hair :P. My excuse? As mentioned above, the directions of his hair confused me. Colours selected were partially based on items he own, although the whole ensemble is not something he's worn before. I love this tie and his magical 'Duststorm' socks so I threw them both on :D! /ends super long rave. Can you tell I miss writing about my drawing process? xD

No, I'm not done with this post yet. Not when I know I won't be able to post for a month or two T_T. So while I was drawing, I figured that I should make a new icon to celebrate drawing my first real life person! I know, it's just an excuse for me to spend more time on Photoshop :P. 'Sides, I need an icon to show my love and jubilation in comments/posts!

Decided not to sign off on it this time since it's as cluttered as it is now heh. Which I've to say, is more similar to my usual "squeeze-everything-into-the-smallest-amount-of-space-possible" style. Nothing much to say about it besides I love how I managed to include a mixture of dreary brown and light orange/pink in the same icon xD.

Here's to hoping I continue to love the WL boys enough for me to draw more real people! Until post-semester I guess!

P/s: Sorry for not responding to comments/replies/messages here ><. It's hard to when so many other things are keeping me off LJ involuntarily ;_;.



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