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So here's a quickie before I rush off to prep for my presentation. ._. Should've started sooner I swear. Anyway, I decided to participate in NUSCAS' summer exchange 2 weeks ago, seeing how I figured I won't have any more time to draw once the semester kicks in full force *gulps*. I was happy I got to draw instead of write (seeing how the latter is really dependent on inspiration for me, while I can force myself to draw under most circumstances), especially since it was Byakuya-kun~ :333 I started doodling him when I just started drawing years ago, so I was rather curious as to how I'd draw him now. Unfortunately, googling for his new uniform yielded some... Unpleasant spoilers, but either way, it was lovely to challenge myself to draw a character I love~

Trying a little too hard, perhaps?

I'm surprisingly pleased with how it turned out, seeing how I only spent several hours of 2 separate days drawing and colouring. Admittedly I overestimated the amount of time I had (thus rushing the piece, especially the lineart...), but I was surprised to find how easily I could colour~ :DDD (Sadly, I can't say the same for drawing itself :X.) Wanted to try something a little darker and more emotional, as opposed to my usual 'pick-a-pose-draw-and-colour-without-more-thought' kinda works. In all honestly, I think this was drawn more for me than anyone else; I wanted to see how much bolder I could get with colouring, if I was able to draw a themed piece than just basic sketch, I wanted to do a bit of justice to a character I've held close for over half a decade. I know it could've been a better job, but I'm not going to complain because I'm truly happy that my efforts did a bit more justice to Byakuya than my first attempts years ago.

Decided to draw on a bigger scale to hide untidy lineart, tried a new brush for colouring (think I'll stick to it, I love it to bits), added some sakura petals and semi-gradient + airbrushed the background for more volume. I was contemplating as to whether I should add blood to the image or not, for realism sake (the absence of bloody wounds with sliced up gi? Seriously?). Decided to in the end, but didn't want to overdo it since ummm, I've already shaded the clothes and skin. :X So here's the contrast between the bloodied and non-bloodied versions!

Should've decided before I coloured...

Edit: Apparently the full reveal was posted just as I was typing out this post! :D Click here to view all art and fics! And click here to see what I got in return!

So along the note of improvement in art, I decided to complete DA's improvement meme since it's been... A while since I've started doodling :D.

Maybe I'm not trying enough instead...

I started doodling proper in 2005, so this meme charts my digital pieces until the Bleach one above. It's interesting to see how I still don't really have a fixed style, but it does seem to suggest I like drawing very pointed noses and chins xD. Not sure if that's a good or a bad thing. Some of the pieces are rather... Painful to look at I admit, but I'm deciding to swallow my pride and add them in anyway to show that hey, even with random practices on and off (I swear I draw less than 25 times a year..), you can still improve! So imagine how large the jump will be if you practice even more frequently! :D 

Until whenever~ School work beckons T_T. /presentation is tomorrow. /I'm so screwed.



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[[ -.Of Red and Blue Eyes.- ]]//Try and try again
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