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So I'm currently putting off 3 mid-terms to revise for and 2 essays. What for? To sketch. (I know, my priorities.) Admittedly it was my own fault when I decided to browse through AO3 for puppyshipping fics at the oh-so-early hours of 2am a couple of nights ago. :D While I regret it on hindsight, it did drastically improve my mood from the suicidal rage I was habouring for the week before that. What I didn't anticipate for the urge to draw after (probably because my favourite non-pixiv puppyshipping artist is now on Tumblr, and manages the best ask Tumblr ever. I'd buy her artbook if she releases one, seriously. *3*), which I only got to yesterday since I was painfully trying to plan my assignment while fighting puppyshipping thoughts xD. /is fail.

Surprisingly quick, given that it's coloured~

Naturally I wanted to draw our little puppy and his master :P~ Obviously not interacting, because I was wayyy too lazy to reference, and also because my bro was in my room and ummm, I'd rather not risk it :X. I still have a long way to go before I can sketch quickly and confidently, but seeing how this one was done in the same spirit without references (ignoring my need to double check the hair styles for my babies T_T), I'm rather pleased :D. Didn't have time to change the proportions and whatnot, but it still looks... Decent I hope? Still rather awkward with poses, but meh, that comes with experience and planning before sketching :X. (E.g. Sanzo was supposed to be in a different setting, with his hand pushing against a shelf/cabinet/ceiling. X_X) Also, I think my original suspicion of being able to draw animals better than humans still stands. /points to Neopets sketches from before and the little puppy now.

Decided to colour the sketches once I was done, because I didn't feel satisfied after speed sketching. Also because colouring is a lot more fun :D~ (And to think I used to hate colouring my works...) Tried to be a little bolder with face shading (I need to look at the bone structure of guys more ><) after the feedback I've gotten from previous drawings, no sure if it's more visible now but meh, baby steps! And I think because of that, the skin tones all look the same ._.;;. Katsuya's supposed to be the most tanned with pink undertones, while Sanzo's and Seto's have yellow undertones, with the latter being the fairest...

I didn't realise the colour scheme for all three of them are so similar. ._. Katsuya's jacket is from the first one/two arcs of DM, Sanzo's outfit is his usual, and Seto's was randomly conjured up by yours truly. I wanted to go the usual white/blue for Seto, but a white trench is a pain to shade, and dark blue is one of my favourite colours to use in art/graphics~ Almost drew a golden retriever instead of a terrier, but decided Seto's more of a small dog/puppy kinda guy (no seriously, not just because of my OTP xD). He won't appreciate a bigger dog jumping (on) him (hehe), but he'll probably have a soft spot for smaller dogs that he can cuddle while working on his laptop. (Come on, even Sanzo has a soft spot for kittens!) Wanted to draw an autumn/winter scene for Seto too but bleh, ran out of time. :/ So the hand in his pocket is deliberate ><, just looks incredibly weird without the right setting. Oh, and Seto's name is supposed to read 海马濑人, not 濑人海马. OTL I'm just so used to saying Seto Kaiba as opposed to Kaiba Seto...

Hopefully this will satiate my drawing urges until post finals. It's nonstop epic workload until the end of the term for me. The joys of being a third year college student I swear. /slams head on desk.



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Date: 2012-09-27 08:26 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] daemon-angelus.livejournal.com
like. Seto Kaiba totally rolls off the mouth better than Kaiba Seto I feel. unfortunately for his Japanese heritage (BUT WITH EYES LIKE THOSE I SERIOUSLY CAST DOUBT ON HIS JAPANESE HERITAGE).

(oh maybe, he isn't ACTUALLY Japanese, but just given a Japanese name by Gozaburo looooool 8DDD)

Date: 2012-09-27 11:11 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] celticheavens.livejournal.com
Ikr! The dubbed version definitely did its work by making it grow on me when I was a kid. ._. Was chatting to my bro when I said Seto Kaiba, after I mentioned Jounouchi Katsuya. I paused and was like, wait, I just flipped Seto's name around. /facepalm

(YEAAAAAA HIS EYES. HIS DARK ICY DEPTHS OF SUPERIORITY. HOW CAN A JAPANESE HAVE THEM!!!! Well, I don't remember his real family name being provided, so let's assume he's mixed, but since Gozaburo's a full Japanese, Seto just took the surname :D.)


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