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Ahh, I nearly forgot to post this up ><. So I agreed to participate in my club's secret santa earlier in the previous semester. I nearly forgot about it, ending up with me rushing my side of the bargain a day before it's due ><. It was a nice enough drawing practice, although it meant that I couldn't (and still haven't T_T) touched my Jack 'n' Gil piece yet. Colouring was obviously rushed, and the darn Christmas tree took forever to do the lineart for. I should've just coloured it straight instead of lining it first... Poses are a tad awkward since I didn't reference, and background hastily thrown in because I had to rush out for Christmas dinner :X. So here's my end of the trade!

I originally wanted Alfred to just show the Arthur angel ornament to Arthur, but decided at the last minute that I wanted to practice character interaction with other objects ><. So yes, I did draw a larger version of the angel, as you can see here. I only coloured it in after resizing it, so there's no nicely coloured version of it (which is a good thing since I was so pressed for time anyway). Hope the recipient likes it! And in return, i received this lovely gem! (Yes, that is our club's official LJ for trades and whatnot~)

So after that, I thought hey, I'm pretty much done with drawing for the year! I can continue with my WIPs at my own time :D! However, I got a call fro [livejournal.com profile] bulletthestars wo days before the end of the year, asking me to pinch hit a trade before New Year's Day. Apparently, some inconsiderate persons either forgot, or couldn't be bothered to inform the mod of their incompetence/inability to participate, even after being granted extensions. Since I agreed to pinch hit for one person in my application, I was obliged to agree; and 'sides, it didn't have to be elaborate (i.e. I thought I could finish it in-between going out with my folks, dinners, and meeting people).

Unfortunately, I wasn't familiar with the list of series provided by the other party (Vocaloid and One Piece), and I haven't touched CLAMP works in ages (I only know of Cardcaptor Sakura and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles...), leading me to spend a bit of time looking for references. Better yet, I've no idea if the person was a male or a female, so picking a character was a huge pain ><. Discussed who to draw with Zeen, and finally decided on TRC since it's a lot more recent, and I did follow the series religiously over a couple of years before dropping it. The character I felt most comfortable drawing was Sakura (and 'sides, she ha lovel outfits), so I went ahead with it while forgetting tha I've not drawn a single female character in two years and that's not an exaggeration). So yea, proportions look rather odd but here it is!

I Remember

Mokona looks really un-adorable, I apologise OTL. I wish I could've done a background with large drapes and a lovely stained glass window but hey, I literally had less than half a day to finish it since I was busy the day I got the call, and I'd a New Year's Eve dinner to attend the day after. I literally sent the email out 5 minutes before I left the house. Phew! The recipient was partial enough towards it so mission accomplished! :D Hope she didn't notice that I couldn't find a full body reference of Sakura in this outfit so I just improvised on certain parts ><. Had tons of fun colouring her outfit, and at least she looks kinda like a girl! :D

So with that, I'm disappearing off into my mugger cave in anticipation of the coming semester. Hopefully I'll find time to finish my Twin Whites piece! T_T Until then, and Happy New Year ya'll!


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