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I hate that I love you
Welcome to Mystickal's graphics and art blog. This journal is filled with random sketches, and designs by an adult who constantly wastes her time on the trivial. Do note that the occasional splices of her mundane life will be tossed in for good measure as well.

The graphics featured will consist mostly of forum graphics, and random designs created for school -the latter mostly to keep this journal active-. She's still mainly experimenting with her art style, and attempting (and mostly failing) to hone the little artistic skill she has. She's also recently rediscovered her love for being a fangirl, and although she is now less of 'rabid' than before, she continues to hold several series (e.g. YGO, Saiyuki, Hetalia etc) close to her heart and welcomes others to share and spread the love.

If you wish to request either graphics or artwork from her (of all people), feel free to send her a message or comment on any post. The same goes if you have any queries with regards to either, or if you for some reason, wishes to talk to her randomly.

Please enjoy the rest of your stay and have fun navigating through her cluttered posts.

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