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I'm wondering why on earth do I even keep a journal for art and graphics if I barely do either anymore? ;^; But yes, me posting means I did do something new! :D Now that I've a new Vaio (yea it's been so long that I've not even mentioned that here...), pshop is working wonderfully and can handle immense files and tons of layers without killing my laptop~ So to commemorate that, me being back in SG, and a brand new year, I decided to up my personal drawing challenge a notch, and do a mini comic!

So what sparked this was a rather unfortunate incident last Friday. Since it was finally the end of a long week, and I was actually looking forward to spending said night drawing or writing so I could rest (i.e. do nothing, like really nothing at all) the day after and start on work on Sunday. But nope, as fate would have it, the light in my room fused so I couldn't see a thing -.-. And since there was no way in hell I was drawing in the living room, hours of tantrums later, my folks got me a massively blinding 60W wall socket light bulb -.-. (Yea, my light bulb is some fancy super thin energy efficient bulb that isn't that easy to find, especially that late at night...) So now semi-blinded by the light from the wall bulb, I decided to draw so I can keep my head turned away from it. And since it caused me quite a bit of grief, why not spin it into a mini comic?

Gotcha! No, it's not featuring me. Why on Earth would I practice drawing myself? To spice things up a little, I decided to swap me and folks out for two of my favourite characters~ That's where my two YGO boys come in! Drawing the boys gives me 1) more incentive to actually see this little challenge through 2) make the incident more interesting without showing how much of a brat I am 3) more incentive to practice perspectives since when I doodle, I sketch cartoon characters and not OCs. The dialogue (excluding their thoughts) are pretty spot on as to what was actually exchanged between me and my folks, although the tone was a little different (i.e. a lot more frustrated on my end). Anyway, click first, read my rants later!

So yea, the boys get a sort of happy/sweet/whatever-it-is ending, while I was stuck with well, not a bad ending, but not the perfect one either. I originally designed the comic in the typical yonkoma style, but decided that my longwinded nature necessitates something that is a little, just a little longer. (Yea, which ended up with three times more panels. Joy.) It didn't help that I drew all the individual panels without planning my paneling beforehand. Despite having a vague idea of how everything was supposed to be placed, I didn't think much about panel shapes or alignment until I finished all the individual panels... Hence the pretty monotonous shapes for almost all the panels, L to R reading despite this being more Asian inspired, and odd insertions of inverse space for borders to break away from the overly traditional style. I didn't consider the inclusion of speech/thought bubbles either, since I'd assumed I can always randomly draw circles or boxes to include them. Seeing how cluttered everything was, I ended up just slapping plain text alone, and honestly I don't think it looks too bad. And it feels amazing to finally use a typical comics font! Oh, and the DA version is 35% of the original piece, so you can imagine the headache I had trying to fit everything into a proper comic format, and also the tons of resizing I had to do for each panel... OTL

I'd a ton of fun doing this piece though! It feels odd to draw again, especially on my tablet after not sitting and drawing properly for over a year... And to do so many panels back-to-back despite their basic formats. The changes in angles and perspectives are on purpose since this is more of a drawing practice than anything else. I'm notoriously bad at consistency in anything (even writing), so this was yet another attempt at trying to improve that... I don't think I succeeded in that respect, since trying to visualise Katsuya's devil of a mop of hair is enough for me to tear my own hair out. On top of that, I tried to vary face shapes a little to differentiate between the boys even more (Seto's face is supposed to be sharper...), but I ended up messing up facial proportions instead /headdesk. I got pretty frustrated at the end and just reverted to my same-face-syndrome-style for the largest panel to make sure the proportions are right OTL. Colouring wise, I think I'm finally a little bolder with shading skin (either that or this new brush set is better xD)~ But I'm still as crap trying to create the illusion of different textures... That said, I'm still worried about overshading (although I perpetually undershade things), especially for the rather unorthodox light source here. Oh well, baby steps I guess.

I'm pretty pleased with how this turned out, especially after not drawing for so long! And even better is how my Katsuya looks a little more recognisable than usual! :'D Although the entire process was pretty tedious since I'm a n00b, the deciding to colour everything on a whim was admittedly not one of my brightest moments, it's a milestone in my drawing journey for sure! It's a ton of fun (I even added a Pokemon cameo just because I can, and also as a play on someone's surname hehe), and a decent tribute for once to my OTP!

Until I decide to draw again, assuming I don't die from my final sem workload...

(Yes, Katsuya's mini bday comic is still unfinished... My style changed again so I'm trying to reconcile them for the last few frames T_T.)

Edit: So I caved and did chibis of the boys and some food items! :D Will do a proper post for them another time... ;_;


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Once more, my memory is going down the drain. -.-;; I complete Twin Whites while back, but never got down to posting it. Well, it's still winter in places blessed with having four seasons, so I guess it's still relevant in some way! (To think I wanted to make the entire piece Christmas instead of winter themed ><.) While this is long overdue, I managed to finish it before the term started! :D I wanted to make it a little more complex but only managed to get the clouds drawn before I got tired and a tad annoyed >< (overall, I think I spent more time on the clouds than with the rest of the piece on a whole). Anyway, before I rant/rave on, here it is!

As I've mentioned in one of my earlier posts, after watching RotG, I found myself drawing quite a few parallels between the protagonist, the playful Jack Frost, and my favourite Hetalia character, Gilbert Beilschmidt. Of course the most obvious similarity is rather evident -- a lovely head of silver, a cheeky disposition, older sibling (who is I dare say, rather protective of their younger siblings), and if I push it a little, adorable pets (re: Baby Tooth took a liking to Jack, and the ever lovely Gilbird) and similar outfits (which was what I tried to showcase in this piece). 

This is the first time I'm doing a crossover attempt, and surprisingly, also my sole attempt at trying to draw Gil darling properly /is fail. I was unfortunately either never inspired enough to do a solo piece of him, or was so painfully lacking in the technical skill to draw military garb that I end up too discouraged to attempt. Either way, his Halloween outfit is more within my range of ability (hoodies and jeans? Comfy and chic! :D), so why not? The branch idea was inspired by Jack always flying and whizzing around in the night sky in the movie, so I wanted to try drawing the moon in the background :D. Also, the silver of the moon works well with the atmosphere doesn't it? Yea, the branches are not really realistic in terms of structure, but for the sake of variety and dynamism, let's just go with it shall we? Finally, I had ton of fun colouring this piece! :D Tried a new style for the clouds to make it a tad more 'shiny' for a little more realism, but wasn't confident enough to try it for the foreground yet. (Baby steps yea?) Overall, I'm kinda pleased with how this turned out! <3

So another piece I've been working on is for Katsuya's birthday~ (Today! :DDDD Happy Birthday darling~) Yes, I said 'working on' so it's still a WIP, but hey, I'm putting more effort into this piece so it justifies it being late... Right? OTL I wanted to try something new this time (re: my usual omg 1 character in a cool pose with rhyme or reason behind it kinda pieces), so I'm going to try a mini comic! The last time I did this was wit When Darkness Falls a personal comic that isn't posted online cause of quality reasons :X, and discontinued a while back), and even so the strips are usually like 3-4 tiny frames at most. This isn't some massive 10-frame thing but I did try to vary the perspective a little more in lieu of all the doujins I've been reading (xD), so hopefully it makes sense! :D Here's the nearly completed version~ Just literally a couple more frames and I'm done!

:D )

Katsuya looks kinda weird (I still have no idea how his hair works, so it looks different each time), and admittedly the perspective is a tad strange for the last panel, but hey! At least I'm trying something new huh? :D And 'sides, I'm rather happy with the 3rd frame, especially since it isn't fully referenced! /o/

Until I finish Katsuya's birthday piece! Sorry for not finishing it in time dearie! ;A; It's the thought that counts right? ^^;;


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I lovelovelove the Gang! :D You guys never fail to put a smile, no matter how silly or unglam looking, on my face! :D <3~! I better get down to doing the project I've planned for ages then D:...

I really really felt like doing some WoW fanart, but I doubt I can pull Illidan or Sylvanas off without butchering either so... Original WoW art it is! And what's better is that I can try my hand at making 'comics-styled' strips! :D Which by the way, is WAYYYY harder than it looks D:. The character is based on a story I had in my head since I started playing BC (thanks to Illidan :D) with influence from my experience in Vanilla. Oh man, I miss those days...

Lame attempt 1!

I've been playing with perspective recently, however minor a shift from my usual front-facing sketches, so I was thinking doing a mini web comic-esque thingumajig can give me more reason to keep at it! I've seen sooooo many web comic artists grow just by doing so, however casually, and I really really admire the effort they put in to make the strip both entertaining and aesthetically pleasing. I doubt I can do either but hey, drawing practice! Pathetic background because I got bored after doing the first row of grass. Love how I don't need to clean the lineart up if I draw it really big and resize it xD (at the loss of details but meh). That's not the main character but xD I'm more comfortable drawing guys, sadly.

No idea how often I'll draw it but hey, as long as I continue to love WoW, I bet I'll keep drawing xD. As for the title... It just popped into my head. Because I'm lame like that. Let's just see how this goes then! :D

EDIT: I just realised after looking through my art, that my headshots/close ups look VERY different from my full body drawings... OTL I fail.



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