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Once more, my memory is going down the drain. -.-;; I complete Twin Whites while back, but never got down to posting it. Well, it's still winter in places blessed with having four seasons, so I guess it's still relevant in some way! (To think I wanted to make the entire piece Christmas instead of winter themed ><.) While this is long overdue, I managed to finish it before the term started! :D I wanted to make it a little more complex but only managed to get the clouds drawn before I got tired and a tad annoyed >< (overall, I think I spent more time on the clouds than with the rest of the piece on a whole). Anyway, before I rant/rave on, here it is!

As I've mentioned in one of my earlier posts, after watching RotG, I found myself drawing quite a few parallels between the protagonist, the playful Jack Frost, and my favourite Hetalia character, Gilbert Beilschmidt. Of course the most obvious similarity is rather evident -- a lovely head of silver, a cheeky disposition, older sibling (who is I dare say, rather protective of their younger siblings), and if I push it a little, adorable pets (re: Baby Tooth took a liking to Jack, and the ever lovely Gilbird) and similar outfits (which was what I tried to showcase in this piece). 

This is the first time I'm doing a crossover attempt, and surprisingly, also my sole attempt at trying to draw Gil darling properly /is fail. I was unfortunately either never inspired enough to do a solo piece of him, or was so painfully lacking in the technical skill to draw military garb that I end up too discouraged to attempt. Either way, his Halloween outfit is more within my range of ability (hoodies and jeans? Comfy and chic! :D), so why not? The branch idea was inspired by Jack always flying and whizzing around in the night sky in the movie, so I wanted to try drawing the moon in the background :D. Also, the silver of the moon works well with the atmosphere doesn't it? Yea, the branches are not really realistic in terms of structure, but for the sake of variety and dynamism, let's just go with it shall we? Finally, I had ton of fun colouring this piece! :D Tried a new style for the clouds to make it a tad more 'shiny' for a little more realism, but wasn't confident enough to try it for the foreground yet. (Baby steps yea?) Overall, I'm kinda pleased with how this turned out! <3

So another piece I've been working on is for Katsuya's birthday~ (Today! :DDDD Happy Birthday darling~) Yes, I said 'working on' so it's still a WIP, but hey, I'm putting more effort into this piece so it justifies it being late... Right? OTL I wanted to try something new this time (re: my usual omg 1 character in a cool pose with rhyme or reason behind it kinda pieces), so I'm going to try a mini comic! The last time I did this was wit When Darkness Falls a personal comic that isn't posted online cause of quality reasons :X, and discontinued a while back), and even so the strips are usually like 3-4 tiny frames at most. This isn't some massive 10-frame thing but I did try to vary the perspective a little more in lieu of all the doujins I've been reading (xD), so hopefully it makes sense! :D Here's the nearly completed version~ Just literally a couple more frames and I'm done!

:D )

Katsuya looks kinda weird (I still have no idea how his hair works, so it looks different each time), and admittedly the perspective is a tad strange for the last panel, but hey! At least I'm trying something new huh? :D And 'sides, I'm rather happy with the 3rd frame, especially since it isn't fully referenced! /o/

Until I finish Katsuya's birthday piece! Sorry for not finishing it in time dearie! ;A; It's the thought that counts right? ^^;;


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I should've been asleep hours ago, but bleh, who dictates when inspiration strikes? I've been planning to draw for weeks after my finals but bleh, only found time in my self-made schedule to do so today OTL. That said, it's mostly my own fault for wanting to play all my games. In a row. Nonstop. >< And when I finally feel like drawing, I'm either a) too tired b) too engrossed in my game(s) c) inspired to do something else as well. What finally made me draw was the movie "The Rise of the Guardians", featuring Chris Pine as Jack Frost (aka Prussia lookalike :'D)~ The fangirl in me was overwhelmed with both Jack and Gil thoughts and feelings since yesterday (watched it with [livejournal.com profile] daemon_angelus :D), and after sleeping the entire day away (well, I woke at 1pm, and napped again from 2-7pm...), could only find some quality 'me' time to draw after bro slept a couple of hours ago. @_@ Anyway, here's a rough WIP of the two snowy bishies! :D

Messy sketch is messy )

I was going to make them fully symmertrical but I got lazy, and then figured practising more dynamic movements is a better choice :D. Not sure if I want to clean it up and colour it in proper since well, my games are still unfinished; let's just see if my inspiration will carry me through it xD.

Shall head off before my incoherence embarasses me further through some form of faux pas I'm otherwise not known for. Hope the Sandman fills our nights with golden dreams~ :D



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