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No, BBB is not some weird concoction of a policy the government has spun up. It's the handmade birthday gift Karrot and I did for Beck's 21st! (Despite the latter saying that there's no need to make a big fuss, but come on! It's the big 21! :D) This also marks the end of the 21 rush this year for the Gang (Thankfully ><. I feel like such a bad friend otherwise since I don't know what to get people and well, I'm just... Terrible at picking and making gifts.), so might as well go out with a bang right? :D

This started when Karrot was asking me what we should get Beck for her present. Since we thought that getting an item off the shelf is well, too impersonal, she suggested we handmake a jewelry box! This was after going through stuff like moustache watches and rainbow watches, which when we told Beck, she wrinkled her nose and mentioned how she's glad we settled for an alternative instead :X. Besides, the girl has so many bangles that she probably needs a better place to store them all -.-;;. Anyway, the woodworking plans used are from here, and no, as expected, I didn't do the woodwork, just the decorations :P. That was my initial concern too: how on earth are we to make the box from scratch without the necessary tools? Thankfully, Karrot had help from her friends (who aided in buying, making, and whitewashing the box xD), finishing it in a day (but not before redoing the upper compartment since it well, fell off) before handing it to me. So by then, the present was actually early, but it kinda got stuck at my place for the next 2 weeks due to my hell weeks. T_T Anyway, here's a collage of the jewelry box (from my perspective)! [For Karrot's perspective, head over to her blog. Which will be locked until her exams are over though :X.]

BBB! Named differently on DA for well, aesthetic purposes :P.

Oh, click on download for the full view of all the photo details and of the banner! (Which I decided to randomly draw since the collage looks a tad plain otherwise ><. Yes, each item on the banner was drawn individually without copying and pasting! :O) I didn't get to put more woodworking photos in since well, I wasn't there, and with Karrot's blog locked, I couldn't steal more photos. Just head over to her spot to see them (after her exams) instead! /lazy. The box was originally supposed to be painted over with a nice design of some sort (without the fabric), but due to the uneven texture of both the paint and the wood, Karrot decided to cover it with the denim cloth both of us picked out from Daiso (which was meant to be for another gift :X) to make it look more presentable. Since the change was done after I'd planned the initial design to paint, that was a tad annoying for me since I can no longer use paint now, and thus needed to find another idea that works on well, a stripped denim background ><. 

I let the box sit in my room until 11th Nov (So that makes it... More than 2 weeks? Oops.), remembered about it like an epic phail, rushed out to buy craft items (I had the fence idea weeks ago... I just didn't plan out the execution or the design yet ><), before working on it the day after. The best part was that I'd no idea what the final design will be or will look like, I couldn't remember if I still had paint, I didn't know if I had white glue, and I honestly didn't think about how it'd look like against the fabric. So the craft shopping trip was more of running into a craft design store, grabbing stuff that didn't look too ostentatious or gaudy while fitting the idea of a fence (i.e. garden-esque kinda imagery), and swearing at the numerous Christmas decorations I ended up finding instead. I wanted to start once I got home actually, but I found out that our white glue dried up, so I needed to get it from school the day after... Assuming I could find paint at home. Thankfully, my godfather from LA gave me a full art set once upon a time, complete with an assortment of paint, brushes, markets, colour pencils and other cool stuff, so I decided to finally open it and put it into good use~ (Now I need to find other things to paint over the year before the colours dry up ><.) After declaring that the dining table will be mine for the entire day, I finally started working on it from noon until two (before heading for class), then night until 2am.

Karrot gave her approval of the initial design I randomly came up with (see extreme right, second photo from top), I started painting the wooden embellishments. And goodness, this is why I stick to digital art. I can blend colours easily and without making a huge mess on the computer, but once I attempt to emulate that in real life, even an entire A4 sized cardboard piece is insufficient to get me the right shades. I gave up when it came to the butterflies, and decided to just use a variety of colours instead to cover the otherwise plain designs. OTL The problem was more of trying to stick everything down. Since I decided to curl the stems of the fake roses around the ice-cream stick fence, I either had to go around the parts where the sticks were connected to one another, or try to stick the vines inbetween the sticks. Didn't work well either way, especially near the 3rd segment of the fence (where the horizontal sticks had to be glued with another pair), which also explains why some of the sticks have deviated from the horizontal by quite a bit @_________@. It was just a huge sticky mess to try to apply sufficient pressure to ensure everything sticks, to keep the alignments right, and to prevent the roses from falling off. Besides the right side showing the most obvious deviation, I think the rest went rather well! :D The bulk of the time was spent basically waiting for everything to stick and dry properly, especially the last side (left). With the right and centre sides already decorated, I couldn't lay the box with the left side facing up (if I didn't want to squish the right side), so I basically spent the next 15 minutes hugging the box to applying pressure to the drying left side while watching tv with my mum (who accompanied me despite the entire thing only being completed at 2am :'D). Quite a sight really!

It's definitely not perfect, and I know I could've done a better job, especially on the workmanship if given more time ><. I'm just happy I still remember how to use a paintbrush and not make too big a mess with glue. Hopefully this means that I won't be as bad with future craft works! :D A huge kudos to Karrot for making the box from scratch in the first place, at least making sure that the box itself remains intact even if my decorations fall off :P. Glad Beck liked it too when I showed it to her the day after when we met for breakfast at Holland Village's Hatched ^w^~ Well worth the time and effort both of us spent! So Happy Birthday daughter, and try not to grow your jewelry collection too much more or we'll have to make an even bigger box next time! <333

One more exam to go (coming Tuesday) before freedom! Hopefully I won't lose the motivation to make the final push. T_T Wish me luck! :D



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