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It's been a while. Oops. Nope, I'm not here to post the finished version of Katsuya's birthday piece because I forgot about it OTL. I didn't really get to touch my Pshop much during the previous semester since I was doing presentation after presentation, and writing paper after paper. Surprisingly hectic for a semester I'd originally planned to be "relaxing". Figures huh? At least I managed to pull my CAP up by quite a bit~ :D It was only after the end of my semester did I have time to fiddle around with the program, courtesy of Beck who suggested the idea of a redeemable e-voucher for Karrot's birthday. :D And since well, me being the incredibly lazy and uncreative one, Beck supplied the general concept and idea, and left me to the freedom to do up my own design.

Because why give e-cards when you can give an e-voucher? )

Another thing I managed to do before the move was create an original character for Marvel's X-men~ I've toyed with the idea for a while now, and since I didn't feel like drawing any fanart (especially after not touching my tablet proper in nearly half a year), why not do something different for once?

The one-stop for the absurd and insane )

On another note, I don't think I've mentioned it here but I agreed to contribute a fanfic in January or so to my club's Hetalia Anthology project alongside [livejournal.com profile] daemon_angelus and [livejournal.com profile] bulletthestars for our upcoming Minnacon event. Several reasons for me taking up the offer at that time: I honestly thought it would be a much less frantic semester than my previous ones, it was a good way to finally give myself an excuse to finally write a Hetalia fic, and I felt bad rejecting the offer since I was an obvious choice and they needed one more person to pair everyone up. After an hour or two of animated discussion, we sort of came up with the general concept for the book before each of us had to leave for dinner and whatnot. The lack of updates subsequently made it fade from my memory, until received a text enquiring about my progress when I was in Melaka for a road trip did it come back to me. Although I was incredibly peeved at the last minute sending of details and lack of communication to reinforce that the project was still ongoing, my artist and I managed to pull through with a sliver to spare. Thankfully I'd crystalized the general concept much earlier in the semester during a casual dinner cum drinking night with [livejournal.com profile] picseanenigma, so at least I had a vague framework to work with when the deadline drew uncomfortably near (especially since I could only do it after I returned from my trip and I wasn't really willing to let work invade my short timeout). After numerous all-nighters of painfully squeezing words out since I'd already filled the days of my week prior to my trip, I finally finished it! Got some of my lovely friends to read and edit it for me during the last day before final submission, and thanks to them the unpolished rock is now a bit closer to becoming a small little gem. :D I'll rave and rant more about this after the event (which is also when I'll post it up on my other LJ and my other writing portals), so for now, I'm more than happy to just use my free time to laze around on my bed with my laptop~ I'll probably work on the long overdue profile graphic thing for my writing LJ in anticipation of the event too~

Until post-Minnacon or something! (Wow, this is a long post huh? xD)



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